My First Korean Homestay

19 Aug

I recently wrote an article about my first time visiting my Korean friend’s hometown. You can read more about it here!






Cafe Recommendation in Seoul, South Korea!

9 Aug

Check out my post on Tumblr about Afro Cafe in Sinchon. It’s a very relaxed café with superior coffee and a kind and interesting owner.





Gay Pride Festival in South Korea

2 Jul

Gay Pride Festival in South Korea

I haven’t been posting on here all that much lately. Instead, I have been submitting my articles to an online blogging community for women travelers called Pink Pangea.


Here is my latest. My experience attending the Korea Queer Festival last month and some of my opinions about gay rights in South Korea.

I hope you will check it out.





How To Travel With Your Best Friend

28 Oct

Great article. I’ve never traveled with a best friend, but I took a trip a year ago to California with my little sister and I feel that many of these tips still apply. We always had so much fun together, until we got hungry and the bloodshed begin. Joking! But it really is important to remember to ask yourself if you are being irritable because of something like hunger or being tired. So far my little sister has been my best travel companion. Have you traveled with a best friend?

18 countries together. That\’s a lot of laughs, and a lot of great moments, but it\’s also a lot of tears and a lot of hardships. Travelling together can be one of the most difficult challenges your friendship will face, but, if you follow these tips, you\’ll ultimately become even better friends, and closer than ever before. So, how can you travel with your best friend…and still manage to be best friends at the end of it?

via How To Travel With Your Best Friend.


Women’s Travel Blog

9 Oct

When I was in high school I dreamed of being a journalist or travel writer, but I quickly dismissed the thought because I didn’t think much of my writing skills. But a few weeks ago I saw a posting from the women’s travel blog, Pink Pangea, asking for travelers to send their stories about the small acts of kindness they encountered on the road. I figured I didn’t have much to lose and went ahead and put in my piece about Thailand. I received a follow-up from one of the founders asking if she could send it to the editor and for me to attach a picture of myself in Thailand. I don’t usually have “proud” moments, but I’m not going to lie, when I saw the article released today I silently congratulated myself on seeing through with an old dream. There might even be more to come because they asked me to be a foreign correspondent once I am back in Asia. So be on the lookout for new travel stuff coming your way in just a few short months!


The Playground

16 Jan

Today, I stumbled upon a recommendation for The Playground by Terrence M. McCoy and while it was a very easy read, it was an extremely powerful piece of writing.

I’ve read up on Cambodia’s past and the Khmer Rouge, but was brought to believe by different travel sites that Cambodia is flourishing. And now I have a better understanding of why that might be (I’ll give you a hint. China.). I’ve heard stories of corruption by those who have visited the country but nobody could give me any specific examples, other than the government only cares about making money. What’s new?

Anyway, I don’t want this to turn into a political article, it’s just that this book got me thinking about the things people in power do.

I strongly recommend The Playground, and like I mentioned it is a very easy and quick read, but worth the time. (





P.s. Here is a video that goes along with this book quite well.


Cambodia Plans

11 Dec

Hello there!

Here is my first attempt at a post. The link will take you to my fundraising page.

About six months ago, I decided that before beginning my next step in my education, I would do what I love most, and travel. I have always had a strong desire to volunteer or help in some way as I travel, and I now have an opportunity to do just that. I plan to attend a teaching certificate program in Cambodia this coming March, which will take me up to a month to complete. Afterwards, I receive a certification which will enable me to find a position teaching English. I hope to stay in Cambodia for at least six months. I have created this fundraiser to help me get by my first month or two until I can secure a teaching job over there.

If you have time, it would mean the world to me if you would visit this link.

Thank you! ❤

Cambodia Plans