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The Playground

16 Jan

Today, I stumbled upon a recommendation for The Playground by Terrence M. McCoy and while it was a very easy read, it was an extremely powerful piece of writing.

I’ve read up on Cambodia’s past and the Khmer Rouge, but was brought to believe by different travel sites that Cambodia is flourishing. And now I have a better understanding of why that might be (I’ll give you a hint. China.). I’ve heard stories of corruption by those who have visited the country but nobody could give me any specific examples, other than the government only cares about making money. What’s new?

Anyway, I don’t want this to turn into a political article, it’s just that this book got me thinking about the things people in power do.

I strongly recommend The Playground, and like I mentioned it is a very easy and quick read, but worth the time. (





P.s. Here is a video that goes along with this book quite well.