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Like running from your shadow.

5 Jul
The memories begin to bleed
Into this new city/life
The feeling of déjà vu
So strong
I catch glimpses of past countries
Outside the city bus window
A red bridge and a great river




That panic

That overwhelming feeling

That I should have accomplished more by now

That I should at least better understand what it is that I even want

I am familiar with this particular feeling


It is what keeps me visiting my past




Why do I cling so tightly to this phantom girl

How do I let her/me go

My inner strength tells me keep still


Every time you run, you only have to start all over again.


No wonder it feels like I keep haunting this place

I begin to make progress

I get scared and sabotage it

Taking me right back to the beginning



“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


Gay Pride Festival in South Korea

2 Jul

Gay Pride Festival in South Korea

I haven’t been posting on here all that much lately. Instead, I have been submitting my articles to an online blogging community for women travelers called Pink Pangea.


Here is my latest. My experience attending the Korea Queer Festival last month and some of my opinions about gay rights in South Korea.

I hope you will check it out.