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Why I Travel

27 Apr

I’ve been asked the same question many times and it’s hard to put in words. I find myself ticking through a list, but after reading this, it’s like “yes, that’s exactly it!!”

Great writing. 🙂



Why I Travel.


Delayed news from South Korea

27 Apr

Recap time of my first month in Seoul!


In many ways I’ve lived here like anywhere else. I rented out a goshitel (basically a closet sized room in a dormitory-like  building), I go grocery shopping and even have a woman at the market who gives me free food, I meet friends for lunch and help people practice their conversation skills.

I had my first couchsurfing experience in Korea. *Couchsurfing is an online network that helps travelers connect with a host to stay with and meet other travelers as well). I couchsurfed on two separate occasions. My hosts were the exact opposites of each other, but it allowed for me to have different experiences. Atlas (my first host) was the kind of person with whom I would agree to drink snake infused liquor(which wasn’t as bad as he made it seem) and have refreshing debates with. Amy(my second host) took me out to find the best food on several occasions and with whom I had my first jimjilbang experience. *A jimjilbang is a Korean spa which has multiple hot tubs and various themed sauna rooms, like oxygen or coal. What makes it different from spas found back at home is that as soon as you go to the changing room, you lose the clothes. For the whole time. 😉 Sure, you can try to cover up with the small towel they give you, but you’ll just draw more attention to yourself. I hear a lot of people are reluctant to go for the first time, but I must admit, I was a little excited. Hey, who at home can say they got stark naked in a spa and walked around with a bunch of Korean ahjummas? *Ahjumma is a term to refer to an older woman.

While I made new friends, I also got to visit with some old ones as well. Bobo and Chris took me out for my first Korean chicken and beer experience, and oh my god it was delicious! I now have cravings all the time. Damn you guys! :p  I also got to see Bryce who took me out to try my first Moscow Mule (yum!) and to a Hello Kitty Cafe. It was very pink and Bryce just looked absolutely darling in the middle of all the Hello Kitty memorabilia. 😀   And because it is a small world after all, I reconnected with a Korean student who I had taught in Cambodia almost a year ago. We had a fun time reminiscing about the parts of Cambodia we missed and speaking the bit of Khmer we know.


Now for the stuff that truly make my life the comedy it is.

There was this one time where I, Meghan King, was apparently “saved”. I agreed to go to a friends church, and while I don’t regret getting to see that person, the attempt to convert me into Christianity was a bit much. Amusing though. I got to hear about the story of sin (even though I grew up Catholic) and told that after all of my head nodding and smiling, I am now a daughter of God again. Hallelujah! (I apologize if I offended anyone with this).

There was this other time that I got a spiffy new haircut with side bangs! I wanted to recreate the magic the stylist used on my head, so I went out and bought a round brush to curl my new bangs. It seems I chose the wrong brush and used the wrong technique. In a matter of seconds I managed to get the brush stuck in my hair. I, along with the help of my very patient friend, tried everything we could think of for two hours to get my hair untangled. At which point I just wanted to give up and cry. But is crying going to get a brush out of one’s hair? Nope. There was only one thing left to do.I put on a huge hoodie and walked outside with my head down for 2 blocks, looking super shady. When I walked int the salon and removed my hood, everyone had a real laugh as I sheepishly slouched into the stylist’s chair. What took me 2 hours, took him all of 10 minutes (you are a god!). Afterwards the owner, Lucy, styled my hair for free and sent me on my way. A huge shoutout to Lucy’s Salon in Sinchon! Now that my hair is intact I can look back and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.  In fact, I’ve toyed with the idea of turning this travel blog into a memoir of my embarrassing moments so that you, my audience, may get a good laugh every once in a while. Because as they say, laughter is the best medicine.