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Half way there.

24 Mar

Thursday was the last full day of school for me and everyone else in the program, which was bittersweet. I have grown to really like many of my classmates during these past couple of weeks, and to know our time has come to an end is sad.

Friday we packed into a bus and taxi and headed to Sihanoukville to spend one last weekend together.

If Phnom Penh, is hectic and foreign, then Sihanoukville is seedy and completely westernized. During the day, the small beach town is like any other, but at night it turns into a huge permanent spring-breaker infested place. While I did have fun relaxing on the beach all weekend with friends, certain events left me with a negative vibe for the place as well as a couple of people. If I learned anything this weekend it is that as much as you might wish the best for some people, you can’t let their mistakes and irresponsibility affect your mood.Image

A lazy afternoon in Sihanoukville.

Moving on!

Tomorrow I begin my practice teaching at an “orphanage” in Phnom Penh and follow-up with teaching the local street kids around the hotel. I am so nervous because I don’t know how I’ll do in a classroom, but at the same time I am excited to teach these kids something valuable. Teaching the street kids will be very challenging I think, because there will be┬álike 30 of them, and many haven’t had much classroom experience. I guess I will find out tomorrow though!

Wish me luck!


A loss for words.

18 Mar

Phnom Penh is chaotic.
There does not seem to be any real order here, which I guess is an order in itself.

Each morning, in the tuk-tuk ride to school, this statement is made even more true by all the hustle and bustle of this growing city.

What sticks out to me the most is the varying smells. Sometimes the air is perfumed with flowers or grilled meat, but just as I catch a scent of something pleasant, the exhaust fumes and ever piling garbage from the streets, assault the nose.
Here it is dirty, dusty, and run down. But, it is also beautiful in a way that I am not yet able to place my finger on.

Cambodia is overwhelming to say the least. I hope that as I spend more time here, I will be able to find the words that justly describe this complex place that I now call home.

The hardest thing.

13 Mar

(I actually wrote this on Saturday but was not able to post until tonight because the draft was on my phone. More soon.)

This is day three of flying.

Leaving my home to go to Korea was hard.
Leaving Korea to go Cambodia is proving to be even harder.
I have left one comfort zone for another, and now I am leaving this one for the complete unknown.

I feel that Im still getting used to the idea that I’ve actually left the states, because Seoul wasn’t all that shocking to the senses. If I ignored the signs in Korean, I may have been fooled that I was still in a city back home. I wonder if the same thing will happen when I arrive in Phnom Penh in the next eight hours. Probably not.

It is okay to be sad and scared, but I will not let these emotions hinder me from enjoying this experience to the fullest.

The next you hear from me will be from the “Kingdom of Wonder”.