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20 Dec

Happy holidays everyone! I can’t believe Christmas is just next week.

So, it is still a few months away from my Cambodian adventure, but I faced a situation today that I did not know how to handle exactly about my travel plans. A co-worker I’ve known for the past couple of years is very motherly toward me, and I know she did not really like the idea of little old me in big scary Cambodia, but she never said much more than that until today. She seemed genuinely upset that I was sticking to my plans, and kept going on about how dangerous it is, especially for a young female such as myself. I sat and listened to her until she finished and then let her know that I understood her concern, but I was still going to go through with my plans. She kept going on about it until I finally just had to turn around, and face my computer, because I had no idea how to quell her insecurities about something bad happening to me in a different country.

Have you ever faced a similar situation and how did you handle it? How do you explain to someone who doesn’t really have the urge to visit other countries?

Just a few thoughts of the day.



Cambodia Plans

11 Dec

Hello there!

Here is my first attempt at a post. The link will take you to my fundraising page.

About six months ago, I decided that before beginning my next step in my education, I would do what I love most, and travel. I have always had a strong desire to volunteer or help in some way as I travel, and I now have an opportunity to do just that. I plan to attend a teaching certificate program in Cambodia this coming March, which will take me up to a month to complete. Afterwards, I receive a certification which will enable me to find a position teaching English. I hope to stay in Cambodia for at least six months. I have created this fundraiser to help me get by my first month or two until I can secure a teaching job over there.

If you have time, it would mean the world to me if you would visit this link.

Thank you! ❤

Cambodia Plans